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Welcome to OUR INNERCHILD WORLD We are an adult ageplay community site where ageplay is not just a game that we play. We are all adults over the legal age of eighteen (18) and enjoy re-living our childhoods once again in an realistic setting as possible. We have fun, we make friends, some of the innerkids get adopted by a loving parent or parents. Many of the innerkids within our community create new life lasting friendships. There are many reasons for many of us that want to relive our childhoods, For some of us it may be that we may have suffered some form of abuse as a child in our real lives. Some may just want to enjoy being that innocent child once again in a safe setting...

If all this sounds interesting to you please join us all at our new site which is now called,


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Just remember we are an adult only age-play community while we do love real bio kids we do not wish them to be a part of our online community. We want to thank you for visiting Our Innerchild World and we are all hoping that we can welcome you to join our main site NEW INNERKID NEW BEGINNINGS If you wish to contact an administrator of this web site or you have any questions or concerns about our ageplay site please feel free to drop administrators an email at: admin@ouricw.net


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