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Title: Innerkid Membership Application
Post by: Karen James on July 09, 2013, 01:59:00 PM
So.... you'd like to join us! We're always welcoming new members, Membership registration has now been disabled. you will not be able to register your user name however on the application below you will need to complete your desired user name and desired pa*sword which you are free to always change after log-in.

copy and paste the below complete application and fill in the below application and summit it to administrators by means of email to:

These are just a few simple questions, so we can get to know you.

1. What is the user-name you desire to use on this forum?

2. What is your desired pa*sword to use to login to this forum?

3. What is your Real name?

4. Whats your email address? (Must be a good email address or you will not be approved)

5. What is your age? (both IK and big's age please)

6. Why do you wish to join the site?

7. Do you have any Family Coming with you? (If so please give names and user-name)

9. If you are coming with no parents do you agree to listen to staff and follow the rules here? (please note, all staff here are admin here who will respect your limits and not abuse there position in any way)

10. Have you read our rules, understand them, and agree to follow them at all times?

11. If you are looking to be adopted in future do you understand this could take some time, and are willing to be patient and NOT troll adults asking to be adopted?

Thank you for completing it. You should hear a response within the next 24 hours. Hopefully we'll be seeing you soon!

all completed applications need to submitted by means of email to:

You won't be able to log-in to this forum and begin posting until your application has been approved. Once approved you will receive a welcome email (note: check junk email folder as this email may not be delivered to your inbox) after you receive that email you can log-in with the user name and pa*sword you used on your application. Once logged into the forum your display name can be edited at anytime.


Changing your display name however will not change your user name that is used to log-in to this forum

Thanks for visiting "Innerkid New Beginnings"

Innerkid New Beginnings Team