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Title: Yes We Do Have Rules!
Post by: Karen James on July 09, 2013, 02:02:32 PM
Yes - we do have rules! This is to keep all our member's safe, and failing to adhere to them could result in your removal from the board.

1 - All members Must be Biologically 18 years of age or older!

2 - There is to be NO sexual activity anywhere on this board

3 - There is to be NO child abuse. Although Parents and guardians may discipline there children this is not to be done in an abusive way! We also ask you NOT to discipline any child that is not your own/OR hasn't already agreed you may do this. If you do punish any innerkid that is NOT your own or has NOT consented to allow you to punish them you will be banned from this forum.

4 - Please fill in a registry form and read others before you interact with them. You MUST respect others limits at all times.

5 - It is up to board administrator(s) who is and isn't allowed on the site, not individual members. If you have a serious problem with another member please bring it to the attention of a staff member, otherwise please keep all disputes off the board.

6 - over-brat-ting or getting into a lot of trouble here is acceptable unlike other boards where you would normally be banned here it is acceptable provided that you are willing to accept being punished for your behaviour. However if all that you do is get into trouble all the time that requires you to be punished every time that you come into contact with staff then this will result in you being banned. It is expected that as any innerkid as a bio kid after being punished would be on good behaviour for at least a period of time before getting into trouble again.

7 - If you are found to always be brat-ting and YOU DO NOT follow redirection by staff here you can expect to be banned.

8 - If you HIT a kid or attempt to provide intimate care to any child that is not your own or you do not have permission to do so you will be banned from this forum immediately without any prior notice to you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

9 - SWEARING! is Unacceptable here first time will be a warning second time will be a temp ban from the board third time = perm ban from this board.

10 - The use of illegal drugs and or alcohol on the board is a violation of board rules & board policy. If used will result in a ban from the board without any warning.

11 - Also any act that would be considered dangerous such as cutting, violence or that would be considered illegal in The USA or any other country is forbidden here. And will also result in you being banned from this site.

12 - If you have a problem with another member on this board fighting with that member on this board will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with a member on this board that violates the rules and policies of this site bring to the attention of any adult board administrator.

13 - When registering a user name Vulgar users names will be NOT be accepted!!!

14 NO TROLLING to be adopted this means NO asking adults to be adopted!

15 - Fighting including name calling insulting other members. Any violations of this will result in a perm ban from the site.

Thanks for visiting us and we do hope to be able to say to you soon welcome to "Innerkid New Beginnings"

Innerkid New Beginnings Team